Technology Partner Selection

Digital program success relies upon the technology partner selection process and not all vendors are right for all companies.

At 3NG Consulting, we know the solution capabilities and limitations with the major automotive technology vendors and can help you identify the right vendor for the specific needs for your business.

Technology Partner

The best technology partner for your dealership is not always the one with the best sales team.  At 3NG Consulting we know the software providers and products and can help you find the provider with services that align with your business goals and structures.

Technology Partnerships
Repair Software

Service Drive Software

The service drive is the heartbeat of fixed operations and is the best place to capture short term revenue increases.  The right technology partner can increase throughput, decrease cost and improve customer satisfaction.  At 3NG Consulting, we know service software solutions and can guide you toward the right technology partner for your needs. 

Wholesale Mechanical Solutions

Ordering software alone is not enough in the mechanical wholesale business.  3NG Consulting has the formula that works to turn inquiries into orders so you can grab your slice of the $128B mechanical wholesale marketplace.  Being a player in the Mechanical Wholesale Business is about more than signing up for an ordering system.  To compete effectively, dealers must capture convert inquiries with a complete program including fast delivery, outstanding customer handling, competitive warranties, and the right pricing. 

Wholesale Part Sales
Choosing the Right Ecommerce Software

Ecommerce Software

eCommerce is the best way for dealers to expand their retail footprint and grow their DIY business. And with several outstanding technology partners offering turnkey solutions, getting in the game really is as simple as signing up for the right solution.  At 3NG Consulting, we know the major providers and can recommend the right one for your business. 

Technology Partner Insights

Change is the new constant – Electric Vehicles, supply chain disruption, new software, sophisticated competitors and facility constraints are the future of fixed operations. And the innovators who work with the right technology partners will lead the industry. 3NG Consulting has the background to help you balance a strong legacy with a changing future.