What is Launch Planning

Successful launch planning is not art but does presents itself as art when done correctly.  

Launch plans are designed to address all the activities required to take a new product, program, or service from development to launch. They are precise, detailed, and targeted, with defined timelines and clear objectives.

With so much invested, a go-to market strategy should not be left to chance.  Contact 3ng Consulting; we can help.

Go-To Market Strategy

Defining a Go-To Market Strategy

Two options dominate go-to-market strategies:

  • Launching with minimal planning and making ongoing post-launch refinements and adjustments
  • Planning and executing a launch according to a detailed roadmap, and making slight post-launch refinements and adjustments 

Both methods have pros and cons.  But, given the investment, expectation, and risk, most companies should demand a roadmap.

Unplanned Launches can Lead to Rough Landings 

Companies that launch first and ask questions later assume unnecessary risk.  First, they can’t be sure their product, program, or service will be embraced by the marketplace; second, they risk negative perceptions from customers who do adopt, only to find the offering inadequate.  

Effective planning is the best way to protect your investment dollars and maximize your returns.   3ng Consulting knows how to get the answers you need to position your launches for success.  

Unplanned Launches can Prove Fatal

Launch Planning Pairs Solutions with Needs

Launch planning is similar to mapping out a route and lodging strategy before embarking on a road trip.  

Launch plans, like trip details, do not delay launches; they make sure they are on time, on target, and on budget. 

Companies survey the market place before developing a product, program, or service. The idea is to make sure the offering serves the needs of the marketplace and is positioned for success. 

Why not do the same when bringing a solution to market? 

Launch Planning Insights

Launch planning details your path to revenue and customer satisfaction.  Find out more about 3ng Consulting’s Launch Planning Service.