Fixed Ops Profits Pay the Bills

Dealer Fixed Ops is the profit engine that gives the front of the store the opportunity to be aggressive.  But the path to a 100% absorption rate is changing as technology and competitors create new risks and opportunities.

3NG Consulting helps your Fixed Ops Departments build a bright future by focusing the auto industry segments with the right tools. And with the opportunity to grow labor sales by 6x and part sales by 7x, there’s plenty of opportunity for dealers who go after the right target markets.   

Fixed Ops Market Research

Hiring and Retention

Are your Parts and Service departments having a hard time finding and hiring staff? You’re not alone. COVID-19 and the Great Resignation have made a difficult labor shortage worse and has left many dealers struggling to find employees in a difficult labor market.

So, if you’re tired of paying top dollar to compete for Parts Associates who don’t work out, 3NG Consulting can help.  Our Proprietary “Fixed Ops Onboarding Plan” provides a roadmap to quickly hire and train and retain the people you need.  And if done right, you can build the skills your team will need far into the future. And since our program leverages industry training resources, you don’t need to build a complicated training program from scratch.

Balancing Service and Parts

Dealers who take a whole industry approach to the automotive industry can have their cake and eat it too. Many dealers do not support the aftermarket because they view independent shops as service drive competitors. Not only is this not true, but it keeps the Parts Department from grabbing a slice of the $128B mechanical wholesale marketplace

From new car referrals to increased part sales and better service retention, the 3NG Consulting ‘Whole Marketplace” approach to Fixed Operations can help your dealership create an industry presence that will pay dividends. And, as an added bonus, our team will help put you on the path to a 100% absorption rate and beyond. 

Fixed Ops Consulting
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Automotive Digital Transformation

The automotive digital transformation is happening today. New cars are sold through online brokers, used car supersites are disrupting the business and technology is changing fixed ops. So, finding the right automotive companies for your Parts & Service department is becoming as important as hiring the right manager and employing the right people.

The 3NG dealer consulting services Immersive technology approach uses our intimate knowledge of fixed ops and solution providers to help Parts and Service departments balance old-school resourcefulness and modern technology. So, contact us today so we can help you implement the right Fixed Ops Technology for your store. 

Strategic Sales Approach

Fixed Operations sales teams are staffed by operational experts not salespeople.  And the current inbound sales model leaves over 85% of parts and service opportunity on the table. 

However, dealerships who move to the right sales rep strategies set themselves up to grab a larger slice of the fixed ops marketplace.  The 3NG Consulting “Balanced Sales Structure” helps Fixed Operations Departments apply the right sales processes to grow sales to existing customers while finding new customers.  So, call us today to learn more about how we can transition your Fixed Ops employees from order takers to sales machines. 

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Inventory Planning

Inventory management strategies focused on cost containment result in lost sales by setting inventory levels based upon historical sales. Unfortunately, fast-paced mechanical shops don’t buy parts that aren’t in stock. So, supply chain planning based entirely on historical sales volume is costing sales. 

The right inventory management systems can help you balance cost containment and sales growth help capture opportunity.  And with the with the right sales channel strategies, obsolescence can be a thing of the past. So, contact 3NG Consulting today to find out how our “Balanced Inventory Approach” can help transform managing inventory from a cost of doing business into an asset that creates opportunity. 

Pricing Strategy

Good pricing makes it easy for customers to buy from you. Great pricing provides maximum profits while making it easy for customers to buy parts.  And having a great pricing strategy means setting the right price matrix to target your competition.  

The 3NG Consulting “Channel Pricing Approach” builds targeted pricing models based upon your market needs so your dealership can offer pricing your customers can’t resist without leaving money on the table.  Talk to one of our pricing consultants today to learn how this program can work for your dealership.

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Wholesale Mechanical Parts Market

Wholesale Marketplace

The mechanical wholesale parts business is 5X larger than the collision parts business but only accounts for 15-20% of wholesale sales.  This means the average wholesale dealer is driving by dollars to pick up dimes.  In the past, the need for upfront investment has made it difficult for dealers to push into the mechanical space even though shops want to buy more OE parts.

However, new solutions have has made it easy for dealers to target mechanical shops with less upfront investment.   3NG Consulting’s “Wholesale Market Program” helps your dealership build the right service mix so you can grab your slice of the $128B mechanical marketplace.  So, contact us today and get started on the journey to outsell your aftermarket competitors.

Dealer Fixed Ops Insights

Dealer Fixed Operations is dynamic and always changing.  Keep up with the changing marketplace with our Dealer Fixed Ops Market Insights.