Automotive Service Providers

Save time searching for Dealer Service Providers. 3NG Consulting puts the most qualified and reliable automotive service suppliers in one place. And since we don’t accept sponsorships for product reviews, our reviews and recommendations are based on what’s best for you instead of what gets us paid.  So you can be assured that the listed providers offer a competitive and quality solution for their dealerships and automaker customers.

And, since your business needs and circumstances are unique, our team is available to help you find the right dealer service provider for your needs.  

Featured Dealer Service Providers

D2D Link

OE Connection’s D2D link offers dealerships and automakers the top parts locater solution in the marketplace.  And with the recent acquisition of PartsEye, OE Connection has added significant capabilities to an already powerful platform.  Some of the reasons to consider 2D2Link include:

  • The most automaker programs in the industry including General Motors, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Subaru and others.
  • Administration of factory inventory profiles
  • Recommended stocking levels
  • Integration with eBay to move dealer inventory
  • Obsolescence brokering between dealers
  • Dynamic parts ordering between dealers

Elite Extra

Elite Extra gains 3NG Consulting’s top service provider rating.  A complete logistics solution that helps automakers and dealers automate the entire last mile fleet.  Founded as a distributor consultancy, Elite Extra provides top level consulting and a solution that works for real-word customers.  The solution allows dealers to manage their entire fleet including:

  • Direct DMS integration for less administration 
  • Optimized routing and driver tracking for the collision wholesale fleet
  • Internal hotshot driver routing
  • Integration with courrier services
  • Access to on-demand hotshot delivery drivers.

RevolutionParts Local Delivery

RevoluitonParts Local Delivery offers the top hotshot delivery service providers all in one place.  This provides your dealership with the ability to order the right service at the right speed for each order.  

And with consolidated billing, economical pricing and improved order tools, RevolutionParts Local Delivery makes it easy for your dealership to get into the Wholesale Mechanical parts delivery.   Some of the benefits include:

  • Offer fast hotshot delivery to your mechanical customers
  • Get into mechanical wholesale without a large investment
  • National coverage – over 98% of US Addresses
  • Right service for every order – from single part hotshot delivery to routed collision orders

Learn more about the industry’s top last mile logistics solutions

Microcat PartsBridge

There are many choices for dealer collision parts ordering platforms, but none offers the same benefits as Microcat PartsBridge.  This solution offers the most up-to-date user interface along with the tools to solve the industries greatest problem.  Poor parts accuracy.

By incorporating the automaker factory parts catalog, Microcat PartsBridge can virtually eliminate parts ordering errors.  So, your Parts Department and body shops can enjoy fewer parts returns, supplements and parts price changes.  And as an administrator of several factory pricing programs, you can offer the best pricing along with the best ordering accuracy.

Recommended Automotive Service Providers

RevolutionParts Local Delivery solves a long-standing dealer problem…. How do I set up a wholesale delivery without building in a large hotshot fleet?  Now, dealers who want to enter the wholesale business can build their client base by on-demand hotshot services and build a strong business before investing in a delivery fleet.  Some of the benefits offered include:

  • Nearly full national coverage – over 98%
  • Integration with multiple providers – so you can order the right service for each delivery
  • Different providers for different deliveries – single package delivery through same day routed deliveries
  • Affordable providers – less than sending an internal driver
  • Consolidated billing
  • Service level reporting

Finding the right automotive service Provider can be challenging.  That’s why 3NG Consulting has made it easy This list of qualified dealer service providers helps save you time by starting your search off right.  And if you need help, send us your contact information and we can conduct a business to recommend just the right vendors for your specific needs.