3NG Consulting Services

We turn your good programs into great programs. Our experience provides a complete view of the industry that we can apply to your business. And our consulting services are proven to enhance the performance of automakers, suppliers, and dealerships. So whether you’re trying to stay ahead of market change, add customers or markets to your existing portfolio or build new product, we have the consulting services to make it happen.

Our Consulting Services

Mobile service offers dealers an opportunity to grow service capacity and increase sales.  3NG Consulting can help your dealership easily build a Mobile Service program to increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction. 

Business Development

Capturing automaker business is an art that requires the right knowledge, approach, and contacts. As automaker insiders, we understand the rhythm and have the contacts to collect develop your business.

Research is about assembling actionable information to create a successful strategy. We know how to collect useful data for actionable strategies.

Move fast from concept to market stability with certainty. 3NG Consulting can move you quickly from concept to market stability with our rich knowledge of the Fixed Ops Marketplace.

The car business is lucrative with large margins making channels prime targets for disruption. We understand the Market and help create solutions so you can capture your piece of the business.

Software and SaaS solutions can be a mixed bag. Our consulting services can see past the sales pitches and identify the providers who have the capabilities to make the most of technology.

M&A is as much about aligning strategy and capabilities as it is about financial planning. 3NG Consulting can help you find the hidden companies that will achieve your goals fast and economically.

Our consultants look at your entire supply chain to help push all channel partners to the same goals – growth, stability, and profitability. 3NG Consulting Services help make sure all channel members have an incentive to reach the same goals.

Most people know about Lean Production, but few are aware of the Lean Business Process. Our team has over 35 years of combined experience using the Lean Business Process and can help implement the principles in your organization.