Dealer Mobile Service – Increase Sales and Profits

Dealer Mobile Service

Mobile service should be on every dealer’s radar. If it’s not, your shop could experience lost profit, lost customers, and declining CSI. 

This is why dealers should consider a mobile service program for their dealership AND their customers.

Why Mobile Service?

There are many available options when considering a mobile service program. Before you make a final decision, look at what your competitors are offering

Have you ever thought about how you:

  • Address the competition amidst a changing service landscape
  • Capture customers who have an Amazon-like perception of Convenience
  • Effectively target:
    • Fleet Maintenance
    • Recalls/ Campaigns/ Warranty Work
    • RO Add-On Opportunities
These are all legitimate questions, especially when paired with ongoing challenges around service capacity, retention, and Customer Satisfaction. 

Mobile Service: Recapturing Lost Service Business?​

Mobile service is an inexpensive way to address some of the structural issues facing dealerships.  It also aligns well with changing customer expectations. 

Most dealerships are at capacity, land-locked, and unable to add service bays. Meanwhile, their customers are redefining the meaning of “convenience”. 

Customers have, for years, moved from dealerships to independent repair facilities.  Many of these customers believe that dealerships lack convenience, cost too much, and take too long.  

Today, dealers, and automakers are trying to address these complaints and recapture these customers. Their efforts are taking different forms:

  • Some automakers — Ford and Tesla — are adding mobile to their dealers’ service offerings.  
  • Some dealers are adding an expensive, inefficient but convenient concierge service.
  • Some dealers are implementing fully-integrated mobile service programs on their own.


Such efforts are challenging but necessary if you want to remain relevant and profitable.  

Click here to learn about what Goodyear is doing.

Why Invest in a Mobile Repair Service Business?

Mobile service is a timely and inexpensive way to address customer defections, both before and after they occur.

Dealers are in the business of selling vehicles.  Parts and Service provide a relationship bridge between vehicle purchases. Delivering an inferior service environment drives customers away from the dealership.  

This breaks both the vehicle service and the vehicle purchase cycles.  Offering customers different service options extends a better, more diverse service experience. 

Why AutoUtility?

Our knowledge, resources, and creative solutions can help you develop the right mobile service approach for your shop and your customers.  

Mobile service is relatively new. AutoUtility has worked in mobile service for a number of years now.  Most of this activity has been working with dealers to understand their needs and challenges. Our work has identified an absence of companies offering quality, comprehensive mobile service solutions for dealers.

This led us to find, and offer, some of the most creative and functional equipment for dealers.  Please review our web site to get all the details on our equipment offerings:

  • Scissor car lifts that are compact and versatile: Lay Flat Model Trailer Lifts
  • Mobile lifts that allow for complete vehicle access: Low Profile Model Trailer Lifts
  • Trailers lifts that are convenient and multipurpose: Enclosed Model Mobile Trailer Lifts
  • Truck and van conversions used to two mobile service trailers
  • Truck and van conversions that serve as mobile service platforms


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Karl Krug is the Chief Strategy Officer of 3NG Consulting and specializes in automotive parts and service solutions and marketing. 

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