Software Changes Everything

3ng Automotive Software Consulting can help your organization become a disruptor in the marketplace. 

Software is improving operations and opening up new markets.  And while software is key to growth, not every digital solution is right for everyone.  At 3NG Consulting, we can help you develop the solution that’s right for your business.  So, whether you’re an automaker, dealer or SaaS company, 3NG Consulting can guide your success.

Automaker Software Consulting

Automaker Software Consulting

Our consultants came from the automaker community and understand the gravity and complexity of automaker IT decisions.  The right approach can lead to explosive results and channel harmony while the wrong approach can lead to frustration and lost sales.  3NG Consulting, can help identify the right vendors and solutions for your specific needs.

Dealer Software Consulting

3NG Consulting guide dealers to the right software solution for their business.  Car dealership sales are under attack from competitors who are using internet tools to gobble traditional dealer strongholds.  This threat will increase as competitors start dominating fixed ops as well.  Our Automotive Software Consulting services knows software beyond the sales pitches and can find the right solution for your specific needs. By using the 3NG Consulting “Fixed Ops Review Process”, we can help you identify and implement the solutions that will increase sales.

Dealer Software Consulting
automotive software consulting

SaaS Company Consulting

At 3NG Consulting, we come from both automakers and SaaS providers.  So, we can guide your SaaS company to operate the business at the speed of software, while not becoming impatient with the speed of automaker.  So, our automaker software consulting program includes business development services, account management capabilities and Product Management Support help you balance the need for immediate results with the methodical pace of the OE decision making.

SaaS Startup Consulting

An undefined customer base, high investor expectations and end-user attachment to the status quo make managing an automotive software startup particularly challenging. 

3NG has built programs for both automakers and SaaS suppliers, so we understand the many paths to get from idea to concept to sustainment and can guide your team through every stage of the process.

Startup Automotive Software Consulting

Automotive Software Consulting Insights

Dealer Fixed Operations is dynamic and always changing.  Keep up with the changing marketplace with our Dealer Fixed Ops Market Insights.