Describing and Applying Lean Business Processes

Lean principles apply to all businesses and markets, not just automotive, and not just manufacturing. 

In order to be successful, businesses need to find efficient ways to meet customer expectations while increasing value and speed at lower costs.  This can be done by:

  • Improving cycle times (Manufacturing)
  • Utilizing software (Operations)
  • Eliminating waste (Manufacturing and Operations)

The OEM Service Market can benefit from the application of lean business process and management principles.  These tools eliminate waste and improve business transparency, two areas that need support.

Implementation can be challenging, but companies must get on the lean bandwagon if they want to survive and grow.

The time is right for change and 3NG Consulting has the formula for effective implementation of lean process. 

Lean Business Processes and Fixed Ops 

The OEM parts and service business is filled with inefficiencies.  Waste is so common it is viewed as “normal”.  Like painting a bridge, implementing lean processes must be prioritized and ongoing.

There are 3 traditional forms of waste:

  • Muda
  • Mura
  • Muri

Muda is the most common form of waste in Fixed Operations.  There are 7 forms of Muda:

  • Overproduction
  • Defects
  • Unnecessary inventory
  • Excessive motion
  • Over-processing
  • Waiting
  • Unwarranted transportation

3NG Consulting’s Lean Business Process Programs bring an outside perspective to help you find and remove the waste that’s hurting your organization. 

The Value of Process Improvement

Lean processes can help any company improve its efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.  

The key is to be customer centric, to make the customer the focus of all business activities.  In doing so, processes that lack customer value are identified and then eliminated or targeted for improvement.

As a process, Lean is not a single event but a cultural shift that creates a continuous improvement loop consisting of:

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Measurement

3ng Consulting can help you embrace positive, ongoing change.

Lean Business Process Insights

Dealer Fixed Operations is dynamic and always changing.  Keep up with the changing marketplace with our Automotive Software Startup Insights.