Automotive Market Research

Our Market Research helps make good programs great programs by providing immediately actionable insights. 

And our research is proven to improve program performance for all channel members from suppliers to automakers and installers.  So, whether you’re trying to stay connected with your customers or enter new markets, 3NG Automotive Market Research Services can make it happen.

Areas of Expertise

At 3NG Consulting, we specialize in knowing and understanding the automotive aftermarket and dealer fixed operations.  And since our team knows the market, we know the difference between actionable data and informative data.  So whether you need a complete study to identify specific customer needs or an off-the-shelf overview of the market, our Research Services can provide what you need.

Automotive Market Research - Channel Research

Channel Research

Ongoing market research from 3NG Consulting identifies competitive trends before they emerge and keeps you aware of competitor strategies as they happen.  Plus, our research offers an unfiltered and unbiased view of the industry so you and your channel partners can stay ahead of the marketplace with confidence.

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Market Entry Research

Is the market large enough to be profitable? Who are the competitors? Do your customers want what your selling?  What is the cost of market entry?  What is the best sales approach?  These some the questions that require firm answers before you enter a new market.  3NG Market Research Services can provide the information you need to be confident with your market entry strategy.

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Startup Research
Customer Market Research

Customer Research

Learn what your customers need.  Not all situations require the research process.  So, we use the right process for your business and needs.  Whether it’s a software product launch research, customers or defector studies, we know  the methodology that will get the data you need.

Competitor Benchmarking

Market strategies work best when you know your competition.  Our team knows the market and can provide complete competitor profiles so you can beat your competition.  Some key areas include.

  • Product Features and Functions
  • Business Development/Sales/support strategies
  • Promotional and Advertising Approach
  • Pricing strategies
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Competitor Benchmarking

White Papers

Catching a market just right can lead to rapid growth and a strong market position and a disciplined Market Research Regimen is the key to identifying market opportunities so you can consistently hit the market at just the right time.