Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies are the tools that help take business to customers.  These tools already exist.  But they need to be selected and assembled based on variables specific to service application and customer base.

3ng Consulting can help dealers shape and implement their mobile service offerings.  We know the business and have the appropriate technology partnerships to get you up and running quickly and profitably.  


Mobile Technologies
Why Go Mobile

Why go mobile?

COVID has introduced consumers to a host of mobile business models. As a result, their expectation is for:

  • On-line shopping and ordering
  • Mobile (at home or work) delivery of goods and services

Aftermarket service providers are already onboard, offering mobile automotive services.  Dealers like the idea but have reservations. Many would like to explore the concept but lack the time and know-how to pursue and implement it.

3ng Consulting has the expertise to help create a Mobile Service Program that works for you and your customers. 

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What to Consider

Today’s market requires a focus on the complete “User Experience” and customers demand convenience.  Dealers really need to think about their brick-and-mortar offerings and how they align with current market needs.

Most dealerships have been shedding customers for years.  While there are many reasons for this, business-as-usual is not an effective strategy for reversing these defections.  

Mobile service offers dealers an easy way to bolster their strengths while addressing their competitive disadvantages.  

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5 Factors when Considering Mobile Service Programs
Mobile Service Hardware Options

The Right Tool for the Job

Mobile service is not the right option for all customers or dealers.  Outfitted trucks and vans are not appropriate for all applications.  Just keep in mind when structuring your program – there are options.

3ng Consulting can help you acquire the hardware and software features to:

  • Differentiate your offering
  • Expand your utility
  • Simplify your process