Dealer Service Environment

Mobile service will not a fix all dealer service issues, but it is an important strategic tool that needs to be considered.

Dealerships have always struggled to retain and satisfy customers.  Some of the reasons for this are structural, others operational.

At 3ng Consulting, we understand the complexities of both.  We know that each dealership is unique.  We appreciate that a “one solution fits all” approach rarely works.

We also know that Service Capacity solutions exist but are limited. Some are better than others. Some are easier and less costly to implement than others.

Dealer Service Department Challenges
Dealer Options to address Capacity constraints

Dealer Capacity Options

Dealerships have 3 basic options to address their capacity constrains.  They can add service lanes, add shifts, and/ or go Mobile.

While dealers are not locked into a single solution, mobile programs should be parts of the package. 

Mobile service is not for every dealer or every customer, but it is a creative way to address service and capacity issues.

And it is more cost effective than the basic concierge services already deployed.

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What to Consider

Today’s market requires a focus on the complete “User Experience” and customers are demanding convenience.  Dealers really need to think about their brick-and-mortar offerings and how they align with current market needs.

Most dealerships have been shedding customers for years.  While there are many reasons for this, business-as-usual is not an effective strategy for reversing customer defections.  

Mobile service offers dealers an easy and cost-effective way to embrace their advantages while addressing their disadvantages.  

Click here to review Bloomberg’s findings re Tesla’s mobile service repair efforts

5 Factors when Considering Mobile Service Programs
Increasing Program Efficiency

Mobile Service Program Administration

Implementing an effective mobile program takes experience and knowledge.  Very few dealers currently possess such expertise.  

3ng Consulting has spent the last 3 years developing best in class processes.  Whether your preferred model is residential, business, commercial, or a combination thereof, we can help.

And our level of involvement is scalable.  We can work with you to get you set up. We can also help you administer your program while you focus on servicing your customers.

Mobile Service Technologies

Some mobile technicians have up to 15 associates supporting them administratively.  This is costly and unnecessary, provided the correct technologies are used.

Mobile service technologies are the tools that simplify and automate mobile service processes.  Many ready exist but are not bundled.  These assets need to be selected and assembled based on program criteria, service application and customer base.

3ng Consulting can help dealers shape and implement their program needs.  We know the business and have the appropriate technology partnerships to get you up and running quickly and profitably.  

Specifically, we can help optimize:

  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • Routing

We can also assist with technician and customer communication tools, as well as invoicing and payment features.


Mobile Service Hardware Options

The Right Tool for the Job

Mobile service is not the right option for all customers or dealers.  Outfitted trucks and vans are not appropriate for all applications.  Just keep in mind when structuring a mobile service program – there are options.

3ng Consulting can help you acquire the hardware and software features to:

  • Differentiate your offering
  • Expand your utility
  • Simplify your processes
  • Add efficiencies and profitability