Automaker Data Management

The release of automaker data is key to repair quality as data becomes increasingly critical for effective repairs.  

As the companies who generate and own the data, vehicle manufacturers are in a position to build business models that provide data, generate revenue, and create industry goodwill.  And partnering with companies with established infrastructures is the fastest way to implement the right program. 

Right to Repair

Right to repair can be a win/win for automakers, repairers, and consumers.  Automakers have a tremendous opportunity to create goodwill by providing repair information and post-inspection data to the industry through established data partners.  And if well communicated and protected, releasing automaker data can be a triple opportunity for vehicle manufacturers by:

  • Improving overall industry repair quality
  • Generating industry goodwill
  • Generating data and parts revenue
Automaker Data and Right to Repair
Mobility is Changing Automotive


The advent of rideshare services, food delivery and internet shopping and remote working have changed the way younger generation view vehicle ownership.  This mobility trend is creating new opportunities and risks for automakers.  

As with any emerging trend, the key is smart investing to position for the long-term while continuing to strengthen existing business positions. 3NG Consulting can help position your business.  And with the right balance of solutions and partnerships, lead the industry with a creative and balanced approach.  

Connected Vehicles

Flashing vehicle updates and providing diagnostic warnings is a great service for vehicle owners.  The challenge is how to balance the opportunity for profit and customer experience.

At 3NG Consulting, we can help you and your team emphasize customer experience at the core of a highly profitable approach to the market.  Because if balanced effectively, automakers and dealers will benefit from increased revenue and improved customer retention.

The Massive $365B Automotive Aftermarket
OE Data Improves Repair Quality

Automaker Data and Repair Quality

Fixing a vehicle properly leads to a quality repair and good quality data is needed for a proper repair.   Since independent shops complete around 85% of vehicle repairs, keeping data from the industry can lead to poor quality repairs and a damaged vehicle brand.

And if done properly, the release of OEM data has proven to align with automaker priorities.  only does the effective release of OE only improves repair quality and repeat vehicle purchases, it can also help increase part sales.  At 3NG Consulting, we help design and implement the right mix of diagnostic tools, repair data and channel infrastructure to improve repair quality and increase sales and service drive traffic. 

Parts Reference Data

Withholding parts information has not proven effective at retaining buisness.  And with dealers holding less than 4% of the wholesale parts market and less than 15% of the total repair market.  Offering a managed release of part information paired the right sales infrastructure can be beneficial for automakers and dealers. 

At 3NG Consulting, we have successfully launched both automaker and vendor programs that have used factory data to generate data revenue and increase part sales.  We can leverage this experience to help you find the right data partner and deploy the most effective channel enhancements.

OE Parts Reference Data

Automaker Data Insights

Change is the new constant – Electric Vehicles, supply chain disruption, new software, sophisticated competitors and facility constraints are the future of fixed operations. And the innovators who work with the right technology partners will lead the industry. 3NG Consulting has the background to help you balance a strong legacy with a changing future.

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